Saturday, April 13, 2013

Martabak Bangka Aboy part 3

udh lama ga kemarih ktmu si aboy..pas beli..well the taste is still damn milk in wijen in it..bcoz i dont like wijen..but i do like peanut and chocolatot..this time i order this sweet martabak with extra peanuts in it..enjoy..damage cost per 12 april is 28rb rupiah..about 2 dollar 8cents i guest?hahahahhahahhaha

oh btw aboy is located in mangga besar raya near the apotik roxy
the one thing i love this martabak is..he made this yummy martabak is not using gas..but using arang..u know..the black rock?
the smell is so good..for the price below 30rb rupiah this i recomended ..

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